Housekeep Tips for Royal Mail Door Drop Campaigns

by Avin Rabheru on 17/06/2016

5 Tips For Running a Royal Mail Door Drop Campaign For Household Services

By Avin Rabheru, CEO & Founder, Housekeep

1. Segment & target your audience

The first step is to develop a detailed view of your target audience. Housekeep provides an online platform to book, manage & pay local house cleaners across London, though within that our focus is on high-end, time-poor households seeking a regular cleaner. We therefore extracted the full postcodes of existing customers in this segment, then worked with Letterbox Consultancy to create a profile of that audience and identify postal sectors where this audience was over-represented.

Result: our door drop campaigns were targeted at individual postal sector level, where penetration of our target audience was 70%+

2. Consider your purchase cycle

Once you’ve got your flyer in front of your target audience, consider how they might interact with it. We didn’t believe that seeing a Housekeep flyer would lead to an immediate prompt to purchase, but instead wanted to be front of mind at a future purchase point. We designed a flyer that we felt could be pinned to the fridge until the customer was ready to use it. We added a time-limited offer to create a sense of urgency and nudge the customer over the line.

Result: door drop is Housekeep’s longest tail marketing channel, with bookings coming in months and even years after distribution

3. Get the creative right

Households get a high volume of post and competing flyers through their mailbox, so you need to work out how to cut through the noise. Think about flyer shape, size, weight and print quality. It’s even better if you can increase the relevance of your creative to that local audience – for example, at Housekeep we showcase reviews from your neighbours, which is particularly powerful since the home cleaning market is already built on local, word-of-mouth referrals. Finally, don’t forget both sides of your creative matter, since your flyer can land either side up on the door mat.

Result: we always A/B tested creative and gradually improved it until flyers became localised to showcase localised customer reviews

4. Get your team prepared

Once a customer is interested in your service, you have to convert and retain them. Door drop customers will have different considerations to customers from other channels, such as word-of-mouth or search. We found door drop customers had more questions, particularly around trust, reliability and quality. We ensured our customer service team was fully briefed on the campaign, including timing, offer and creative, so that customers would be impressed with their first touch point at Housekeep.

Result: door drop customers converted at a similar rate to other channels, with many remaining happy, loyal customers still using the service from our first campaign 2 years ago

5. Test, learn, iterate

Our approach at Housekeep is to test and track everything, learn what we can do better and then iterate with each new campaign. We track customer conversion rates, cost per new customer and lifetime value per customer. We sought to optimise for the long-term rather than the short-term, for example by investing in smaller, localised, but more expensive print runs, knowing we could optimise this at scale. Once we’ve learnt from a campaign, we input those learnings into the next campaign and get better every time.

Result: we have reduced cost per new customer by 75% from our initial door drop campaigns, whilst doubling customer lifetime value

If you’re looking for a local house cleaner in London, head to!

 Housekeep is London’s largest and highest-rated house cleaning service. They serve a wide range of clients from house sharers to professional couples to families, including celebrities and members of the Royal family, all of whom can fully manage their account online. The business was founded in 2014 and has since expanded to cover all of London, serving 10,000+ clients and 1,000+ cleaners, whilst winning multiple awards and raising two rounds of funding. 

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