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by Graham Dodd on 01/06/2020

On a weekly basis we receive what I now call the “how soon can you” door drop enquiries.

They tend to be for smaller volumes, though they can emanate from both local clients or from regional/national retailers looking to support perhaps just one or a couple of stores.

Our initial reaction has always been to quickly determine about the availability of print.

The two most common responses are a) I have them sitting in my office and b) I don’t know, I haven’t thought about print yet. Though to be fair, there are those who are far more organised.

So the traditional Royal Mail D2D driven response was we need 3 weeks lead time for booking the sectors and you need to deliver the bulk supplies 6 working days in advance of that. For those that had not thought of print, that commonly worked.

For those with leaflets in their office, 3 weeks was too long to wait, so we would implement solus or shared team door drops, starting pretty much immediately.

The latter option still of course exists, but the Royal Mail D2D situation has changed dramatically in line with our recent announcements.

Subject to availability of postal sectors and in agreement with Royal Mail, we can now offer one and two week access to the most reliable and efficient door drop service there is in the UK, offering the greatest depth of coverage of any given area.

Clients sometimes baulk at the need to deliver their printed material to Royal Mail depots which may be some distance from them. But should that really be a barrier?

Royal Mail door drop charges are increasingly becoming more competitive to team solus pricing, partly thanks to no increase to their rate card this year and partly as solus operators look to increase their charges, some in line with Minimum Wage requirements.

So, if you chose Royal Mail as the preferred carrier and the additional, perhaps minimal, cost of using sending a courier with your cartons of leaflets was still less than the solus quotation, which would you choose?

To further help make decision, if your volume is such that a team operator will take more than 1 week to complete the drop, not even allowing for possible bad weather delays, even if Royal Mail’s completion date (distribution now just 5 days for any volume) was later than that estimated by the solus supplier, is Royal Mail still not the better option?

Don’t get me wrong, we use teams extensively for a wide variety of reasons, some of which are detailed above and another of which is the cost for heavier items, but Royal Mail D2D are opening their arms for the smaller, more localised volumes, so clients need to take a stand back and consider their options. Don’t simply just continue with the norm, take a look at what’s available to you.

Third parties who act as intermediaries between the client and ourselves, also need to up their game and take on board these changes (assuming they know about them in the first place, though we know some of them don’t!).

We are still seeing posts on LinkedIn and taking enquiries where its obvious the huge changes Royal Mail made nearly a month ago are either being ignored or contacts are simply not aware of them.

Times are changing, so if you are thinking door drop now or any time soon, why not come direct to us for the best and most practical advice you can source.

We will be the true source of independent and impartial targeting advice and door drop implementation options and charges, because for nearly 25 years, that’s exactly what we have been providing to an ever increasing range of clients.

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