As Platinum Partners for JICMAIL, we are able to offer you the opportunity to use their data to enhance your door drop campaign and to receive the most relevant and impactful insights.

Some examples of how we use this data with our clients are:

Sector Insight

Using data relevant to your business sector, we can provide data on expected reach, frequency, and likely commercial actions for any given campaign.

Hidden Opportunities

JICMAIL data gives us information on which audiences receive mail and door drop by client and sector. We can use this to identify audiences representing an opportunity for you, targeting key audiences who are less likely to receive print media from competitors.

Competitor Insights

Built from each interaction, we can provide you with images of competitor items together with valuable insights into the volumes and impacts of those competitor campaigns.

Campaign Planning

We will use JICMAIL data to help influence targeting decisions and to provide likely campaign impacts, taking historical data as the basis for those forecasts.

The JICMAIL Discovery Tool is continually developed. There are numerous opportunities to use the data as part of your planning and analysis processes and these will further improve over time.

If you have a campaign brief or analysis requirement, please contact us today and so we can offer guidance on how the JICMAIL data can add value for your forthcoming campaigns.

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