In 4-months time surrounded by family and friends, possibly with snow on the ground, we will be in the midst of the Festive Season.

Before then, we need to navigate what for many will perhaps be an even more important trading period than ever before and one where your door drop activity will need to work harder.

So don’t get caught in a last minute rush to market, allowing your competitors to beat you to the punch and perhaps book the space now in the week/s you are seeking?

Last week’s JICMail door drop results release showed just how powerful Boris’s letter to the nation was in terms of engagement at a time of crisis in our country, along with such key findings as :

  • Door drops saw record levels of consumer engagement, with the average piece interacted with 3.19 times on average – equating to 15% growth year-on-year.
  • The average door drop lives in the home for 6.9 days, the biggest mover in terms of lifespan in comparison to addressed advertising and business.

Many rightly suggest that those results are heavily influenced by a stay at home audience and there are signs that will continue at unprecedented levels, so could your door drop benefit from that level of increased engagement?

JICMail’s showcase section also provides door drop industry case histories such as :

  • Farm Foods – Over the course of 18 days the item is re-read, discussed twice and put in the usual place by the female in the householder and aside to read later by the male. Over the course of 18 days, it has 5 physical interactions and 2 commercial actions.
  • Domino’s Pizza – Over the course of 18 days the recipient interacted with the Domino’s door drop 6 times. The male looked at it and put the item aside when he first received it. He then returned to it on 2 separate occasions and a week later he decided to call the sender and bought product.
  • British Gas – This door drop was about smart meters, had a reach of 2 and a frequency of 4, the person also goes online, which is counted as a commercial action.

For many charities, the Autumn period is a key season and it’s a specialist area for us.

In the Spring, working closely with specialist agency Echo DMS, we delivered a campaign for a small charity with results best summarised as “achieving three times the forecast income and 37% higher levels of forecast response; a tremendous result”.

As a successful case history, that comfortably sits alongside those previously published.

The garden centre who booked a second drop just 3-days into the first drop because of response levels. The restaurant who postponed the second phase of a drop to allow time to call staff back from furlough to handle the response, the department store midway through a 2-week distribution period who described business as “every day is a like a January sale day”.

Planning, targeting, timing and implementation are all key components in the success of all these case histories and are our key areas of expertise.

And between now and Christmas, we also have access to a wide range of financial incentives.

At a time when budget will be even more important to you, can we help you achieve your promotional objectives through a common sense proposal and offer you a really competitive package.

We think we can, so please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time and beat your competitors to market.