If I dropped a £10 note through your letterbox, would you notice?

by Neal Dodd on 19/03/2019

I increasingly hear criticisms from marketing folk about the limitations of what one might refer to as ‘traditional channels’, with some rather bizarre myths thrown into the mix.

I just throw leaflets that come through my door away without looking at them”

Along with spurious claims about people no longer watching TV adverts nor noticing billboards and posters, this has to be up there with the most ridiculous comments I’ve heard – so let’s meet this head on.

Door drops are an intrusive media. Unless you’re going to leave items to build up on your door mat until you cannot physically open the door then you will need to pick them up.

And when you pick them up, you will need to look at them in order to find out if there is something you want to keep and who it is from. That is just a fact and it’s a real selling point for our channel.

No one throws something away without looking at it first.

There are two things that we should take from this:

  1. You are not the customer

Rather than base your media buying on your own consumption or what you believe people do, consider real data about how consumers react to and act on door drops through their letterbox.

JICMail is now established and offers insight into the frequency and reach of door drop material, broken down by industry. There is a wealth of independent research data that shows how door drop recall compares with other media channels.

Take a look and you’ll start to see that it’s quite common for leaflets to be kept in the home and seen by multiple people, and there are new case studies showing that in action.

It’s also fair to say that people’s recall of door drop items is far higher than email, social media advertising and banner ads.

2. Your creative is key.

We can help you target the right households at the right time and we can ensure your leaflet is delivered.

What you need to do is to ensure that consumers are engaged from the moment they see your leaflet – give them a reason to look beyond a few seconds and ideally, give them a reason to keep the leaflet in their home.

Don’t produce a leaflet that you like, produce one that will generate the best results.

This is not easy to achieve but there are a lot of examples out there of creative that has worked well. There is no magic formula and a lot will depend on where you are as a brand and a business, but we would encourage you to be bold, be loud and use copy that will grab the attention of the person you are targeting.

Will consumers recognise your brand when they pick up the item? Will that be enough and if not, what will pique their interest?

Door drops offer you the very real opportunity to reach virtually every household in the UK. You simply cannot say that about any other channel and it could form a big part of your marketing plans, if you use it well.

Step back and consider what a great opportunity to have and talk to experts about how you can make this work for your business.

Just like that £10 note, consumers will see your leaflet and they will make a decision whether to keep it or not – embrace that opportunity!

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