JICMail Platinum Partner – what an achievement for TLC!

Jicmail Platinum PARTNER - what an achievement for TLC!

Seismic changes in the door drop industry are few and far between, but I’ve witnessed several in my many years in the industry.

There was a time when house to house distribution as it was then called, was planned through units of households created by the team distribution companies.

The boundaries of the units were generally main roads, rivers, railways or other landmarks.

Then came postal sectors.

The industry offered targeting to its clients, but if you were seeking to engage with an ABC1 target market in Derby, your chosen supplier would ask its local Area Manager to select the units/sectors with high density of that type of property, simply based upon that individual’s local knowledge.

Then came consumer classification systems such as MOSAIC, ACORN and CAMEO.

Final mile distribution was primarily completed by companies using teams of people across the UK (still available, but no longer the major force they were).

Then came home delivered free newspapers (now nearly extinct) and Royal Mail door to door, today the market leader.

And the emergence of JICMail (audience measurement data for the advertising mail and door drop industries) ranks alongside these improvements and is the next industry game changer.

At TLC, we have embraced the use of JICMail door drop data in our client proposals and presentations from the outset and its value has measurably increased.

Clients have always asked questions of their door drop suppliers about retention, engagement and commercial actions driven by a door drop when planning their own activity, keen to ensure their choice of medium was a valid one.

TLC, with its wide ranging knowledge, has always offered such advice based upon our decades of experience across all business sectors.

But JICMail has been providing real time data since its inception and that has been of enormous, independent value.

At TLC, we have fully embraced JICMail into our planning processes and have seen the resultant value for our clients.

But to be named as one of the first ten companies in the UK and one of only three door drop companies to be awarded Platinum status is a massive achievement for us, of which we rightly proud.

There will come a day when clients will expect suppliers to have attained corporate JICMail accreditation when tendering for their door drop activity. That will provide a guarantee that their forward thinking supplier is conversant with current industry trends and has access to the most recent research available.

But why wait for any supplier to achieve such status when you can access the databank today? Its already part of our daily processes when preparing existing clients door drop plans.

We fully understand the process and our commitment to JICMail can only further enhance and improve the quality of your door drop activity.

So if you are thinking door drop, feel free to get in touch at any time. JICMail Platinum status sets us apart from virtually all other UK suppliers, a position we are of course accustomed to occupying in our role as an independent and impartial door drop planning agency.

Visit our website for more initial information about us. We are always happy to have an initial chat about your requirements and submit outline, costed proposals for further discussion.

You can be assured of a warm welcome, informed opinion and account handling services of the highest standards.

Graham Dodd, Managing Director