JICMAIL provides key metrics for door drops and direct mail. The valuable insights into audiences for your product or service can be used by you or by agencies to help plan campaigns more effectively and help you understand print media’s true impact.

Data regarding reach, frequency, lifespan, and commercial actions is available by audience type, client sector, and TV region. This data can be overlaid onto TLC’s existing planning options to further improve targeting quality and raise response levels.

It puts the channel on par with other media options, such as BARB for TV. It has helped give a more accurate reflection of how the channel offers brand benefits in addition to direct response.

The Letterbox Consultancy is one of only 10 UK companies, and one of only three door drop suppliers awarded Platinum Partner status by JICMAIL.


Over each quarter, JICMAIL tracks the activity regarding addressed and unaddressed items across a panel of 1,000 specially selected households. 

Panellists record the mail and door drop that they receive for a week and subsequent door drop and mail actions taken by them, or anyone in their household for three more weeks.

They then begin this process once again with the mail and door drop they receive the following week, and so on.

The panel is split into four groups, each starting on a different week, meaning that the tracking activity takes place every week of the year.

The panel of offline respondents has been recruited to complete a paper rather than an online mail diary to ensure that JICMAIL fully represents demographics for whom internet usage is low.

All reported results are based on a sample of households (and household members) representative of the UK population.  The demographic profile of the homes and household members is compared to the UK population for gender, age, household size, social grade and region and weights are applied to correct any differences between the sample and the population.

JICMAIL defines the opportunity to see the item, item reach, audience reach and frequency of engagement.

New data for the JICMAIL are regularly released to the industry quarterly and is available by contacting The Letterbox Consultancy.

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