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by Graham Dodd on 11/03/2019

I’d like to think most of the clients on behalf of whom we plan and implement door drop activity are appreciative of the science behind the planning process.

The fact that we enjoy so many long term relationships, whether they are an agency of any description, printer or any sort of “middle man”, even clients direct (!), suggests that to be the case.

Particularly of course endorsed when individual contacts “take you with them”, when they move on.

We believe our service levels to be second to none in the door drop industry, but ultimately and more importantly, if the drop works, the science behind the planning must have been accurate as well.

Door drop science can take away the guessing games which we know still exist, especially with new clients who commonly are not aware of the type of services that can be introduced into the planning process.

Do you aspire to a primary target market or is your targeting based upon fact, achieved by profiling existing customer databases? And if you implement widescale door drop activity, do you just rely on one national profile, or implement regional strategies most likely based upon different data sets?

Are your door drop plans derived from assumed distance or drive time models and are they variable based upon urban or rural locations? Or do you employ tracking methods to accurately determine where your customers come from?

And do you add in a spend/value filter to further refine the distance/drive time results?

Its not inconceivable that a postal sector originally omitted from your door drop plan because it was just over the 30 minute drive time and/or with a target market density just lower than the cut off point, may be one of your highest spend sectors.

These are all variants provided to our client base as part of our customer service and do not attract additional charges if we are placing the door drop activity on your behalf.

But there are also occasions where we provide data to clients planning to open new sites and/or expanding into new areas to evaluate potential.

Alternatively, an accurate fix on your primary target market may also help you consider the suitability of other media which reaches out to the people you are looking to engage with.

If you are not using the data specifically for a door drop exercise, for an agreed fee, we would still be happy to provide the information required.

All we need from you is existing customer postcode unit data – EN8 9HU.

You are not providing sensitive information as postcode units on average contain 15 households and as such are exempt from GDPR.

If you have any concerns around the sensitivity of any type of data you provide, we are happy to sign an NDA before you submit the information.

So for us it’s all about looking at the bigger picture and not just simply booking your distribution.

We can offer you so, so much more, within agreed, realistic timeframes to suit your needs and at reasonable charges.

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