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by Graham Dodd on 09/12/2013

If you read my recent November volume blog, you will have seen me make reference to what I call Local Neighbourhood Marketing – in this instance, implementing promotional activity following a “sale”.

It’s a service several of our clients are already using (successfully) and its one that must have potential for any number of clients.

An application of our SMART-Drop mapping software that some people are unaware of, is that we can build door drop plans by postcode unit – EN8 9HU – units of generally 15-18 households; without the influence of any demographic targeting.

It’s effectively a proximity based model, that allows you the client, to target local neighbourhoods.

Whoever you are, whatever product or service you are selling, why not capitalise on the “sale” you have just made?

You send us the postcode unit where you have made a “sale” and your proximity brief, which can be :

* a list of surrounding roads which we can quantify and map or

* a list of postcode units which we can similarly quantify and map or

* a distribution quantity, which we can then plot on a map showing the postcode units nearest to your “sale” address

Dependent upon the volumes involved and your requirements, we can then either offer you a door drop or direct mail service to fulfill those requirements.

You will probably have seen any number of home improvement companies leave a board outside a house in your road where they have just completed an installation and are looking for more business in the immediate area (?), well this service takes that promotional technique to another level.

And it does not necessarily just have to be home improvement companies who can take advantage of this.

Planning door drops at postcode unit level is an increasingly popular service for local and regional authorities, retailers and many clients with niche target markets.

If the concept captures your imagination and you would like to have a chat about testing the service, just get in touch with Graham or Neal on 01992 637333 and we would be delighted to help.

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