Are you thinking about your 2021 door drop programme?

Whether you drop once a year or on multiple, phased occasions, now is a good time to start thinking about the crucial role targeting will play in your future campaign success.

Even more importantly, we are now able to provide you with data from the new MOSAIC 7 system, the most up to date UK consumer segmentation in the marketplace.

The Groups and Types have been updated and some postcodes have been re-allocated.

So before you go any further with your door drop planning, talk to us, whether you are an existing client or not.

2020 has been a horrible year for obvious reasons, but despite all the background, TLC have enjoyed an immensely successful year, with a series of significant major account wins, all existing door drop users through other suppliers.

Major High Street retailers, care home operators, gym groups and other smaller, more regional companies have all switched their door drop plans into TLC.


What seems to us as common-sense, considered, practical implementation of targeting results have won the day on multiple occasions.

Each pitch has been carefully created and targeting solutions tweaked to adapt to each clients specific needs. Though commonly, if the “needs” are based upon past experiences, we are not phased by suggesting there are far better options to help achieve the end goals.

We have received multiple compliments that our drive and desire, linked to our passion for the drop drop medium, shines through. And the fact that we really have given each client’s brief a personalised branding, rather than thrown a general targeting cloak over a simplistic response has reaped dividends.

But our thirst for new business remains unquenched.

Perhaps your first New Year’s resolution should be to talk to TLC, but why wait for the New Year?