New year, new profile

New year, new profile Are you thinking about your 2021 door drop programme? Whether you drop once a year or on multiple, phased occasions, now is a good time to start thinking about the crucial role targeting will play in your future campaign success. Even more importantly, we are now able to provide you with … Read more

Distribution issues? Leave it with us!

Distribution issues? Leave it with us! Throughout Covid, in so many different areas which affect all our lives, the blame game is still enjoying massive prominence in our news feeds. Whoever Clarity is, he or she has never enjoyed such prominence. Whatever the issue seems to be, the majority of people being interviewed shuffle the … Read more

Covid-19 – Door Drop Update

Covid-19 – Door Drop Update In light of the recent announcement for England to enter a second national lockdown from Thursday 5th November, to last at least four weeks, here are some key details for your door drop bookings and plans. Distribution will continue with Royal Mail door to door and teams, though there are … Read more

High door drop recall set to continue

High door drop recall set to continue I’m not sure that home working for many ever really went away, but increasing Covid requirements seem to certain to guarantee an increased stay at home audience between now and Christmas and sadly possibly into the New Year. So will you take on board the Q2 JICMail door … Read more

Wow! what a last 5 years!

Wow! what a last 5 years! Later this year TLC will turn 25 and its been quite a journey. I’ve learned a lot about myself over that time. The need to adapt personally and professionally, particularly when the goalposts move, are skills any business owner needs to possess if they are determined to succeed. The … Read more