Royal Mail Door to Door – COVID-19 update

by Neal Dodd on 30/03/2020

An update regarding Royal Mail door to door as of Monday March 30th is below in the form of some FAQs.

Answers immediately below each question are directly from Royal Mail and just below are additional feedback from us. Contact details at the bottom for any further clarification or additional questions.

The service remains operational and we are actively planning and booking distribution for a range of clients.

Q. How is my Door to Door contract affected by Covid 19?

A. We will make every effort to deliver your Door to Door contract in the Delivery Period booked. We will ensure that Door to Door items are taken out on our daily delivery of letters and parcels to the addresses you requested. For any addresses that haven’t received an addressed item or parcel during the delivery week, the Door to Door items will then be delivered at the end of that week. On average the number of addresses not receiving addressed mail over the course of a week is less than 2% of the total (typically 10 addresses per walk), and even in an extreme scenario we expect this figure to remain under 5%. In exceptional circumstances we may need to deliver your items in the 2nd week of the Delivery Period and we will let you know if there are changes with resources which may warrant this change. 

TLC – we are in day to day contact with our Royal Mail account team and the booking centre, so will provide any further updates as they become available.

Q. Can I be informed when there are any delivery issues that result in some of my items being delivered in the second week?

A. Exceptional delivery delays will be reported to the Door to Door Team. When this takes place, we will inform customers who are affected. Where there is only a handful of items that have to be delivered at the beginning of the second week it won’t be possible to inform customers proactively.

TLC – we will manage this process for our clients and advise you as necessary.

Q Are Royal Mail still accepting bookings for Door to Door?

A We are still accepting Door to Door bookings as normal. You can book contracts up to 13 months in advance. You can also amend your existing bookings, including revising your delivery dates should you need to do so.

TLC – we are working normally and can continue to complete bookings for existing and new clients. For existing client bookings, we will also manage any changes required by you.

Q What is your plan should your absence rate continue to increase?

A. We intend to maintain the best possible service offering during this challenging period. If there is a need to further adapt or change our current service level, we will inform you as soon as possible. Should any future changes impact your campaign activity you will have an opportunity to.

TLC – we will keep you fully abreast of all future developments. In the event that clients activity is compromised in any way, we will be on hand to advise and help implement remedial actions.

If you have any immediate questions or concerns, please fell free to contact 01992 637333 or 07973 701515.

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