Royal Mail Door to Door – practice what you preach!


What better demonstration of your faith in the door drop channel, than to use it to promote your own business?

In recent months, we have seen Royal Mail Door to Door delivering leaflets that promote Royal Mail services; including the new parcel collection service and the partnership with Pharmacy4U to deliver NHS prescriptions to homes across the UK.

Volumes are unknown, but given the national spread of these products, one might assume that a large proportion of the UK has received these leaflets.

As we discuss on this web site, one of the strengths of the Royal Mail door to door service is the coverage and reach that it offers.

Compared with alternative media, door drop in general – in particularly Royal Mail – offers an opportunity to reach more households… arguably more than any other channel.

Compared with alternative door drop options, Royal Mail will know that they the coverage of homes is better than you might achieve via team (shared or solus) and free newspaper distribution, owing to the ability to cover rural areas, flats etc.

As new product development for Royal Mail, it is pleasing to see them turn to leaflet distribution to promote these to UK households and we hope it has worked well!