Royal Mail Door to Door – Pricing News

From Monday March 8th, Royal Mail door to door introduced its new rate card format, which totally overhauls how door drops have been charged for many years.

Not only are there changes to the lower volume bands which partly influence the cost of your distribution activity, but for any volume less than 200,000 items charges are actually REDUCING in comparison to the previous rate card.

And the 9 geo-band structure which drove that rate card, has been simplified to just three bands, which in some instances may also reduce the charge you incur.

Each postcode area, M, EN, NE etc., now has fixed charges for all postal sectors within it.

This may be of specific interest to local and regional clients, particularly in comparison to team solus charges.

Furthermore, did you know that Royal Mail contracts are in 13 week cycles?

So rather than book individual campaigns over the next 3 months, think more strategically and merge those bookings into one contract, potentially making further savings.

So can we help you save precious budget? Yes we can! There are even more options we can seek to take advantage of.

Either supply us with the postal sectors you wish to book, or take advantage of our renowned planning expertise, led by learnings derived from an interrogation of your existing customer base.

Our extensive experience covers most market sectors; retail, leisure, charities, fmcg, academia, public sector, hospitality, garden centres, e-commerce and others.

Please feel free to contact me at any time or ask me to contact you at a more relevant point in the future.

Also feel free to share this email with colleagues to whom it may be more appropriate, we are always happy to help.