Royal Mail Door to Door – Pricing Update 2022


Royal Mail Door to Door have announced a pricing update for 2022, that will formally take effect from 7th March 2022.

The big news is that Royal Mail will retain their existing prices and rate card structure for standard Door to Door bookings in 2022.

This means that there will be no upfront price increases to your Royal Mail Door to Door bookings this year, as things stand.

The Letterbox Consultancy welcomes this announcement, at a time when many businesses are battling with the effects of Covid; squeezing as much value from their advertising plans as possible.

Royal Mail have responded to the challenges that businesses have faced throughout the Covid affected period by means of cancellation policies, discount and incentive schemes, and this pricing policy will be good news to many businesses at this time.

A copy of the Royal Mail Door to Door rate card is available upon request by contacting us through this web site.

As ever, the rate card prices leaflet distribution by taking into account elements such as the size and weight of your door drop item, the volume of items that you wish to distribute, and whether you have booked door drop distribution with Royal Mail during the previous 18 months.

As a reseller of the Royal Mail door to door service, The Letterbox Consultancy can help you navigate this rate card and plan your door drop distribution.

Please contact us today for more details.

Neal Dodd, Managing Director