Customer satisfaction is key to growing the door drop market

by Christian Petersen on 22/05/2013

All of us in the industry spend much of our time persuading marketers of the power of door drops to deliver their marketing objectives, and there is clear evidence that over time this message is getting through.

It is just as important, however, that we make sure the experience of using door drops is the best it can possibly be so that clients come back for more!

At Royal Mail one of our key differentiators is the level of service that we try to provide.

Improving the customer experience has been one of our key priorities over the past few years, and our most recent customer satisfaction survey has delivered our best ever results.

The number of customers who are ‘highly likely’ to, or would ‘definitely’, recommend Royal Mail Door to Door stands at 77% (up from 71% last year).

Other highlights include an overall satisfaction score of 79%, with a very encouraging 22% saying they are ‘delighted’ by the service.

The group we call ‘Apostles’ – those customers who proactively recommend Door to Door – now stands at 40%, up from 33% last year.

Much hard work has gone into achieving these scores.

Over recent years we have looked at the customer journey in depth, and identified the key touch points where we have the opportunity to ensure the customer experience is as good as it can be.

This has led to improvements in the way we handle initial enquiries, take bookings, manage the handover of items and deal with any issues that arise along the way.

And, of course, reliable and timely delivery of the items is fundamental to customer satisfaction.

Despite recent successes we are not complacent, and have a continuously evolving programme of improvement.

Currently our focus is on improving communications we have following the handover of items, and continuing to raise the profile of Door to Door with our operational colleagues to ensure that our customers’ reliance on quality delivery standards is always front of mind.

We all want to see marketers choosing door drops as a key part of their marketing mix.

To do this we can’t just rely on results – we also have to make sure that the interaction with us, the service providers, whether it is directly or via an expert agency such as The Letterbox Consultancy, is as easy and pleasant as possible.

We all need to make continuous service improvements a fundamental part of how we do business.

Of course Royal Mail isn’t the only provider of door drop distribution, but we believe that the effort that we put into our customer experience will be beneficial to the industry as a whole by encouraging other suppliers to raise their game, and as a result, benefit the end customer – and this is great news for everyone.

Helping customers get the most out of their door drops

With customers increasingly satisfied with the service they receive, our other focus at Door to Door is ensuring that they get the best results possible from their campaigns.

We encourage all our customers to make full use of geo-demographic targeting.

Expert agencies, such as The Letterbox Consultancy, have masses of experience in ensuring customers’ items are going to the postcode sectors that will give them the best possible response.

Recognising that marketers often have more important things to do than dealing with a range of different suppliers, the door drop industry offers a range of packages that add up to a complete end-to-end service.

These cover everything from design and print, distribution, validation and even response management.

This takes the hassle out of arranging a door drop, and means the skills and experience of agencies such as The Letterbox Consultancy and Royal Mail staff ensure the best results for our customers.

To help door drop exponents with the design of their mail pieces, Royal Mail commissioned some cutting edge ‘Eyetracker’ research, which gives advice backed up with scientific data.

By monitoring the way consumers read a variety of different promotional leaflets and letters, this research is able to show marketers how to design a door drop piece that will take full advantage of the seconds available to grab the reader’s attention.

Some key pieces of advice from the research are summarised below:

• Refer to the offer and benefits on the outside of any envelopes

• The tops of pages grab customer attention spans better than bottoms

• Use pictures, samples and coupons to get the readers attention

• Bold, confident copy helps maintain the reader’s interest

• Use ‘sound bites’ to make the most of limited time

• Further offers and visuals work well on the top right of the page

• It sounds obvious, but coupons should always be easy to tear off

• Minimise the use of the back of the mail piece – it attracts least attention of all

Source: Eyetracker research for Royal Mail; You can download the information here, or from Royal Mail’s Mail Media Centre website (

The future is bright

Improved customer service and satisfaction, high delivery standards and increasingly sophisticated targeting and design, mean that we can look forward to a bright future for door drops.

We know that door drops deliver results, and increasingly marketers are realising this too.

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