Royal Mail Door to Door – Updates to Service

Royal Mail Door to Door - Updates to Service

Over a year since Covid struck and affected the whole of the UK, now is a good time to review the situation with Royal Mail door to door, as a key part of door drop offering across the UK.

Here are some things that have changed over the past 12 months and how it may affect your door drop distribution plans.

If you have a booking enquiry, would like a rough quote or have a specific query then please do contact us for advice.

1. Standard pricing – Royal Mail door to door rate card

There were no changes to the standard pricing during the Covid lockdown periods, though there has been a recent change to Royal Mail door to door prices.

Most prices remain the same or similar to previous years and overall, there is little or no increase to Royal Mail door drop costs.

However, there have been changes to how the rate card is constructed and how individual postcode sectors are priced across different areas of the UK.

For guidance on how the Royal Mail prices are laid out and how this affects your door drop activity, please contact us.

2. Discounts and incentives

There are a range of discount and incentive opportunities with Royal Mail door to door, and these are updated on an ongoing basis.

For existing clients, opportunities to receive a door drop discount based on year-on-year growth, testing new targeting and creative approaches, and additional volume bookings still exist.

Royal Mail did introduce a Covid related discount in 2020 but this is no longer in place and for clients seeking to test the channel for the first time, the best approach is to contact us to find out how you can do this at a reduced rate.

3. Minimum order bookings

One of the things that Royal Mail did to support businesses across the UK during 2020, in light of the pandemic, was to reduce the minimum order value from their standard £500 fee.

This is currently set at £200 for all door to door bookings and remains a help to small businesses across the UK.

4. Week Two bookings

Whilst the standard lead time for Royal Mail door to door bookings is three weeks, there is a ‘week two’ booking option for door drop booked through Royal Mail that reduces this to two weeks.

For example, on Monday 26th April, the standard Royal Mail booking contract will be for w/c 17th May 2021, but the week two option enables bookings for w/c 10th May 2021 instead.

The most important things to note are:

  • The service carries a 10% premium charge
  • Stock delivery deadlines do not change

If you’re interested in the week two service with Royal Mail but unsure about whether it is right for your door drop requirements, please contact us and we will give you our opinion.

5. Depot change

The last point worth noting if you are a regular Royal Mail door to door user is that the Walk Bundling Centre (WBC) in Scotland has changed and there are new address details.

TLC will provide you with the Royal Mail delivery details for every door drop booking you make, but if you would like details in advance of the Royal Mail Scottish WBC, please let us know.

We hope this provides some helpful details about your Royal Mail door drop bookings and we look forward to hearing from you in the future.

Neal Dodd, Director