Royal Mail Door to Door

As an affiliate of Royal Mail Door to Door, The Letterbox Consultancy can book your distribution for you. If you would like a quote or just to talk through how the process works, please call on 01992 637333 or contact us through this web site.

Our affiliate status means that we can book Royal Mail distribution through an online system and therefore you will receive a quote from us the same day.

Royal Mail Door to Door® offers a reliable, efficient door drop service that reaches the vast majority of households and businesses in the UK – virtually 28 million – through a weekly cycle, 52 weeks of the year.

Royal Mail door drops are distributed by professional, full time employees, and delivered alongside the mail.

Royal Mail offers an exclusivity agreement, ensuring that no competing brand or service will be delivered alongside yours.

In addition to providing you with a same day quote, we may also be able to offer you the opportunity to book at discounted rates through one of the Royal Mail door to door incentive schemes. Get in touch today to learn more.

Which clients typically use Royal Mail?

The Letterbox Consultancy considers Royal Mail Door to Door® a valuable part of many door drop proposals, but has found particular relevance in its use for local & regional authorities and PCTs, which have a requirement to door drop to the maximum number of households available within any given area.

Other business areas which commonly use Royal Mail Door to Door® are charities, insurance companies, banks, fast food outlets and many High Street retailers, where postal sector targeting is of considerable importance.

We also plan many campaigns for direct response clients that commonly target rural/ affluent areas – where Royal Mail Door to Door® will provide a much greater density of coverage than alternative options.

In a similar approach, clients that require guaranteed distribution to blocks of flats, which perhaps present entry issues for team distributors or free newspapers, find our Royal Mail proposition offers considerable advantages.

Making Your Royal Mail Door to Door® Booking through The Letterbox Consultancy?

As a planning and buying agency, we will liaise with Royal Mail on your behalf throughout the planning, booking and post-distribution phase, by using our existing Royal Mail account handling team’s skills, or through the online Royal Mail door to door booking system, which ensures rapid turnaround times to clients’ campaign requests.

For busy customers, whether clients or agencies, we can free up a considerable amount of your time and complete ALL the leg-work for you, allowing you to concentrate on other important matters!

In addition to managing the Royal Mail element of a campaign on your behalf, there are often occasions where a client needs to access alternative methods of distribution. This may be the result of the Royal Mail service being fully booked or being unable to accept a booking, or it may be a client’s desire to test different door drop options such as free newspapers and/or solus distribution within one campaign.

If you have a requirement for distribution within the next three weeks, it’s also likely that Royal Mail door to door will not be an option for you.

Through our nationwide network of suppliers, we can provide a seamless service which project manages the whole campaign on your behalf, using any appropriate combination of door drop solutions to answer a campaign brief.

We are also increasingly finding that many clients with a defined target market wish to use Royal Mail for the bulk of their distribution to postcode sectors that have a high proportion of target households and consumers.

However, such plans can then be refined and improved with the introduction of our bespoke SMART-Drop distribution service to target postcode sectors as the penetration level of the target market falls.

Often, this approach will help a client to increase the number of target households that they deliver to, whilst saving door to door costs.

Other clients, typically local and regional authorities or car dealerships with a defined geographical area of coverage, will have partial postcode sectors on the periphery of their boundary, which require a more in depth targeting approach in breaking up postcode sectors.

By working with The Letterbox Consultancy, you will enjoy the benefits of having experts to advise you of where Royal Mail Door to Door® best fits into your plans, as well as the luxury of allowing us to complete the planning and implementation for you.

Some key advantages to using Royal Mail Door to Door ®

Here are considerations regarding other potential benefits to using the Royal Mail Door to Door® service:

“Delivered by” logos – Door drop items that are distributed via Royal Mail Door to Door® may have ‘delivered by Royal Mail’ logos inserted into the top right corner of the item.

This can provide a greater level of credibility to the item in terms of its place alongside the mail and offer you the chance to position your door drop item as closer to a direct mail item.

New user rates – Royal Mail Door to Door® will offer a discounted rate to new or lapsed users, who have not used the service in the previous eighteen months.

The Letterbox Consultancy can advise how this service can be accessed, and offer details of the discounts available.

13 week contract cycles – an opportunity to benefit from further discounted Royal Mail Door Door® rates for longer term bookings.

Online bookings – The Letterbox Consultancy is able to access an online booking system to check availability and volume, destroying the myth of Royal Mail bookings being time consuming and difficult.

We always aim to provide a first stage response to a client within 24 hours of receiving their formal brief.

These are just some examples of our lateral thinking when considering how clients’ door drop requirements may benefit from using Royal Mail Door to Door® and there may be further features we can bring to your table, for your benefit.

Contact us today to discuss your door drop brief, and we will advise how the Royal Mail Door to Door® proposition can fit into your plans!