There are several alternative door to door distribution choices for the delivery of your leaflets and The Letterbox Consultancy offers a range of options.

As an independent and impartial door drop provider, we would present these options to you with advice about which distribution method or combination or methods, is most appropriate for your requirements.

Whatever any client may require, in terms of timing, type of item, volume, area of the UK, or pretty much anything else, it can be accommodated.

The door to door distribution industry offers three primary routes to market:

Royal Mail door to door distribution.


delivered alongside addressed mail

door to door distribution.


distribution is completed on a solus (client item delivered on its own) or shared basis

free newspaper leaflet delivery.

Free newspapers

delivered alongside a local free newspaper

These door to door distribution options can be used in isolation, but it is becoming more and more commonplace to use an appropriate combination of two or more for the same door drop.

Each of these three options has its relative strengths and weaknesses, but access to and use of the distribution options should be determined by individual campaign objectives.

Key factors are:

By contacting us with these details, we can provide you with some immediate feedback regarding the most appropriate door to door distribution channel(s) and the likely costs.

You can read more about the distribution options on this site by visiting the relevant sections, including Royal Mail D2D, team and free newspaper distribution.