Free newspapers

Distribution of your leaflet alongside a local free newspaper offers a low cost, shared door drop option in many areas of the UK.

The Letterbox Consultancy has a longstanding relationship with all UK publishing groups and we can offer you free newspaper leaflet distribution where it exists. Coverage across the UK is limited to approximately 4-5 million UK homes, but we can help advise where this is an option for you.

We commonly put together distribution plans that involve a combination of free newspaper distribution alongside Royal Mail door to door and/or team.

Our independence ensures we can recommend the most appropriate distribution option in each postcode sector of the UK and our award-winning campaign with Cushelle is a demonstration of free newspaper distribution working well alongside other forms of distribution.

Distribution alongside local newspapers is a highly efficient and reliable option. Distributors typically cover rounds of 150-200 households and are subject to rigorous checking procedures.

The distribution can be booked in weekly cycles and the price is dictated by the free newspaper title. Contact us for advice.