Royal Mail Door to Door

As approved Royal Mail door to door resellers, we can handle the entire planning and booking process for you.

If you would like a quote or just to talk through how the process works, please call on 01992 637333, email, or contact us through this web site.

Our Royal Mail status means that we can book your distribution through our online booking system, meaning you will receive a quote from us within 24-hours.

The Royal Mail Door to Door service has a number of advantages over other delivery methods. The most notable are:

  • 100% coverage of the UK (less opt out addresses)
  • Offers comprehensive coverage of all rural areas and flats
  • All items are delivered alongside the daily post
  • 13-week booking cycles (meaning the potential for volume-related discounts)
  • A “late booking” service which provides a platform for significantly reduced rates for clients with existing bookings
  • An exclusivity agreement, ensuring that no competing brand or service will be delivered alongside yours

The operation works in weekly cycles, with a three-week lead time. Each week’s distribution cycle is Monday – Saturday.

Pricing depends on volume and weight, with discounted rates for new users.

Royal Mail door to door can be used in isolation or as part of a distribution mix to suit all volumes and budgets.

Royal Mail deliver to over 29+ million households every week of the year. The company is the most reliable and efficient door drop distribution option across the UK – especially for large volumes.

Royal Mail door to door.

Royal Mail door to door is particularly effective in rural areas.

The benefits above are key, but there are other major plus points, too.

By tapping into a pre-existing distribution network, clients can enjoy competitive costs, as well as having the security of having their items delivered by professional, full-time members of staff, who have been fully trained and report into a proven management structure.

The Letterbox Consultancy Ltd are an approved reseller of the Royal Mail door to door service and one of only a handful of companies in the UK with this seal of approval.

Being the only independent and impartial door drop planning and buying agency, we will always consider every available option – or mix of options – that will give you the very best distribution to best meet your objectives.

In most cases, we have continually found that Royal Mail Door to Door® features within those plans, whether wholly or partially.

We can offer same day turnaround for new enquiries, plus new user/late booking discounts.

To find out more couldn’t be easier. Just contact us today. We’d be delighted to hear from you.

Royal Mail Door to Door & SMART-Drop – a stunning combination

An increasing number of clients – especially those with a clearly defined target market – are choosing to use Royal Mail in combination with SMART-Drop as part of a highly targeted, efficient door drop plan.

In this scenario, the bulk of the distribution is carried out by Royal Mail to whole postcode sectors that contain a high proportion of their target households and consumers, and SMART-Drop is then used to pick up the rest.This approach offers clients the opportunity to reach most of their target audience in any given area without increasing wastage.

Our clients are consistently enjoying an increased number of target households delivered to, whilst saving significantly on campaign costs.

New clients have found that by including SMART-Drop alongside Royal Mail, they can engage with their target market in some areas for the very first time.

By working with The Letterbox Consultancy, you will enjoy the benefits of having experts to advise you of where Royal Mail Door to Door best fits into your plans, as well as the luxury of allowing us to suggest alternatives to maintain a high level of targeting.