Carried out by a network of teams across the UK, team distribution relates to solus or shared leaflet delivery of your item by a local door drop company.

Solus distribution means that the item is delivered on its own, with no accompanying leaflets. It can be booked in weekly cycles or specific dates, with pricing heavily dependent on the area of the UK you wish to book.

Shared leaflet delivery works on the same principle as solus distribution, but the item is delivered alongside at least one other non-competing item. Availability of this type of leaflet delivery will depend on lead time and the areas required for coverage.

Team distribution – solus in particular – offers a great deal of flexibility, in terms of the mapped areas that can be covered, and the notice required to begin a leaflet distribution.

We have the facility to plan distribution at full postcode unit level and if you have very specific requirements with the area / streets / postcodes to be covered, our team door drop service can accommodate that.

Leaflet delivery.

Teams are generally available to begin working on your leaflet delivery as soon as one week after booking, so any urgent requests that cannot be accommodated through other forms of distribution, can be carried out.

Pricing varies across the UK and whilst it can often be higher than Royal Mail door to door, as a basic distribution channel, it can be highly cost effective when considering the need to distribute heavy items or low volume distributions.

One thing to note is that team distribution typically offers reduced coverage in rural areas or where there is a high density of flats, simply because of a lack of access.

As impartial door drop providers, we will guide you through the planning process and identify areas suitable for team distribution.

Leaflet delivery.

Our network

We work closely with a proven and experienced network of companies and teams across the UK to offer national leaflet delivery coverage. The teams vary in size from large, regional operations, to small, family businesses covering their local area.

Because the Letterbox Consultancy has spent a considerable amount of time in identifying and vetting these companies over the years, you can be assured of their reliability and trustworthiness.

With team distribution, you get what you pay for.

You should expect to pay a reasonable rate for a quality, reliable distribution and if you’re not sure what a reasonable rate might be, have a quick read of Graham Dodd’s solus pricing blog.

How do I know if my leaflets have been delivered?

Having confidence that your door drop distribution has taken place, in full, is important.

We offer a range of door to door verification services that can be accessed once your leaflet delivery is confirmed as complete.

All the teams that we use have their own in-house checking procedures, which vary from face to face or observed distribution checks through to distributor or vehicle tracking.

The most advanced form of verification is GPS distributor tracking. There are various forms of software in the market, but the most common output is a set of images to show the path that a distributor has taken.

Where tracking services are not available, The Letterbox Consultancy has a relationship with call centres in the UK who offer a telephone backchecking service. This involves contacting residents in the distribution area to verify receipt of your door drop item.

We are proud of our team distribution network in the UK but as with any form of distribution, if queries do occur then they are investigated fully.



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