Seven reasons to use door drops!

by graham on 08/06/2011

In recent months, we have seen research continue to demonstrate that door drop marketing generates greater levels of recall and response when compared against other forms of media.

Further to these findings, we were pleased to read a recent article published in Print Power magazine; 7 reasons to use door-to-door.

The report rightly points out that whilst door drops are part of 80% of marketing strategies across Europe, they are as relevant for large multi-national businesses as they are for small local firms.

Each of the 7 reasons given provide a valuable insight into how door drops can be used most effectively, and below is a brief synopsis of the report. For the full report, click here.


7 reasons to use door drop
1. Mass market – The only true national mass media available to marketers, with a satisfying 100% reach
2. The right environment – The fact that the consumer receives your material in their own home is crucial; they can take in and respond to the message in their own time.
3. Effectiveness – In a UK study conducted by RDP Ltd, door drop scored three times better in cost per response than the average media.
4. Targeted when required/desired – Whether you want to target young families or mature couples, the affluent or the less well off, cities or entire counties – or even just one street – door drop is a mass media that can be targeted with precision.
5. Creativity – Holograms, scented paper, 3D techniques, unusual paper stocks, all can be used with great effect, creating a memorable brand experience for the consumer – and an effective campaign for you.
6. Sample distribution – One of the best uses of door drop is sample distribution. Previous campaigns have featured full-size boxes of breakfast cereal, tins of pet food and even light bulbs!
7. Integration – The medium has proven effectiveness when it comes to prompting customers to take some form of action, whether that action is contacting your business directly, going to your website or simply driving sales.
Reproduced with kind permission from Martyn Eustace, Sustainability Manager, Print Power

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