Size still doesn’t matter!


Last year, we published a blog highlighting how we believed the size of our company would not impact on our ability to win and retain the business of large volume door drop clients.

Nothing has happened since which would change that opinion and we are pretty sure we have completed this year’s largest single door drop volume for a leisure client back in January.

But our ambition has never been to be the largest door drop supplier in the UK, whatever that means.

We are far more focused on providing a prompt, efficient and effective day to day service for all our clients large and small.

And just recently, that hit home when a client for a decade or more contacted us about undertaking a webinar to their specialist retail partners.

Most of their partners are single site operators, though a few do operate from multiple locations.

Individual activity is called off most weeks of the year and volumes are never huge in the overall scheme of things, but that does not matter to us. Its still about doing the right thing for the client and providing a complete service.

The key to the success we have delivered for a decade centres around targeting. Over that time, we have developed a three tier approach to providing solutions, based upon the individual requirements of operators.

When discussing the content of the webinar with the client, it was agreed that we start the presentation by an introduction to our background, services provided and a look at our client list.

Now that includes some impressive names; Deliveroo, Jet2, Cancer Research UK, Cook Foods, and more, but we were conscious that a local retailer, whilst hopefully impressed, may be thinking how our service operates at a local level and is it relative to them?

Would it not be ideal to provide at least one testimonial based upon recent activity relevant to one of their peers? How about this then:

I’ve been very pleased with the response I had from the direct marketing. From a door drop of around 22,000 households, I had 12 enquiries which resulted in 9 tests and 8 sales. From those 8 sales I’ve also had 2 recommendations which turned into another 2 sales. This meant that I’ve had one of my best ever months. Thank you to the team for organising this for me and I will be running this campaign again in September.

Now the door drop volume is not huge and some people may even suggest 12 enquiries from 22,000 is not a great return, but this client is very happy! They also know from past experience more response may trickle through in the weeks to come and that their website traffic surged in the immediate weeks after the drop. And there is no reason to suggest the client will not be happy again in October!

Spread across our “local” client portfolio, we know what works at local level and that can be multiplied for regional and national campaigns. But we can also enhance that knowledge with important strands of information such as retail locations in major city centres are notoriously difficult to target, because their customer base is commonly transient. And perhaps a different approach is required?

For us, its all about listening to the client’s objectives and requirements. We then simply don’t impose a one size fits all solution and we treat every client the same, large or small, with great attention to detail.

Actually talking to clients and offering guidance modelled upon their objectives is a formula which works well for both parties, rather than simply a button pushing exercise.

In all honesty, the client is not always right and its quite probable that our decades of experience can help improve many of the final mile solutions, but that can only be achieved by engaging with the client.

Feel free to get in touch at any time through the contact page on this website and let’s have an opening chat.

Graham Dodd, Managing Director