Competitor confusion surrounding SMART-Drop!

by graham on 12/11/2010

Back in June, we posted an article on our SMART-Drop website about some of our competitors seemingly being confused about the applications and benefits of SMART-Drop.

5 months on, that confusion does not seem to have abated, but, of much greater concern to us is the fact that clients and prospects are being erroneously informed that the SMART-Drop door-to-door service is nothing new.

Oh but it is!

Over 120 prospects – agencies and clients – attended our two seminars in London and Manchester, and nobody’s feedback from either event suggests that they don’t look upon SMART-Drop as a new opportunity.

Which is why, since July, various test door drop campaigns have and are being completed, with more tests being planned for the New Year.

In addition, one existing client actually maintained their Autumn campaign volume, but switched the entire campaign into SMART-Drop, having allocated increased budget to the activity as a result of the level of ROI achieved at the testing stage.

Part of the SMART-Drop package involves targeting and leaflet distribution using the free newspaper distribution structure. We have never claimed that is a new concept – why would we, when we won industry awards for campaign results as far back as 1999!

And yes, our competitors can provide that service – should they choose to do so.

Do door drop suppliers not have a responsibility to ensure that their clients are kept abreast of industry initiatives and opportunities? What about testing the concept rather than just ruling it out?

Is another issue the fact that free newspapers are only delivered to less than 50% of UK households each week, theoretically leaving the other 50% of the UK “uncovered”?

NO – that’s precisely where SMART-Drop is new.

SMART-Drop solus is unique in that the system creates bespoke rounds which are primarily the client’s target market, but which are commonly half the size of other more rigid systems in the marketplace.

The smaller the unit of geography targeted, the more powerful the results.

Perhaps the next time you have a door drop brief, in addition to discussing the leaflet campaign with your existing suppliers, contact us for an alternative view and compare the value of the two proposals sent to you.

Clients who have recently sent us extracts from past door drop plans have regretted not involving us in the planning cycle earlier – but won’t make that mistake again!

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