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by Neal Dodd on 27/03/2020

Like many businesses out there, our sales pipeline has slowed and the coming months look uncertain to say the least.

We are a door drop agency that has grown from a small family business, started by my Dad nearly 25 years ago, into a successful, growing agency.

We will survive this and we are working hard to ensure that when life begins to return to normal, we will be as strong as ever.

The situation across the UK is ever so serious – everyone’s family and health must come first.

Many people and businesses find themselves in far worse positions than us – we understand that. We also understand that advertising is futile for some businesses at the moment.

But we’re committed to supporting our staff and our suppliers through this, many of whom as distribution companies are very small businesses.

They have mortgages to pay, children to care for and feed – we simply cannot give up on them.

Many of you are in the same position.

So this is a short note to say that if you hear from us with a business proposition, it is simply because we are trying to navigate our way through this difficult time and help maintain the external workforce.

We are prioritising work that helps those most in need – organisations with urgent messages that need to be seen. But we’re also working with other businesses who continue to advertise in these difficult times.

Door drop offers the opportunity to reach people in their homes and at a time when so many people are at home, our channel will undoubtedly benefit some businesses. For some, it won’t, and that’s fine.

If you do hear from us, or any other sales people from other businesses for that matter, please just remember that we’re all just trying to survive at the moment.

Wishing everyone all the best and looking forward to seeing many of you when this is over.

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