The Arthur Thompson Memorial Award winner

by Graham Dodd on 24/01/2020

So, yesterday saw TLC’s first major milestone of the year; my being honoured with the Arthur Thompson Memorial Award.

I’m very proud to become just the seventh recipient since the award’s inception in 2007.

The award was created to mark Arthur’s passing and recognise his immense contribution to the growth of the door drop industry through Stepcheck.

Stepcheck was generated by Arthur and myself from a system we devised to measure the receipt of door drop items. That was an interesting time.

But there is no doubt in the longer term, Stepcheck gave the medium credibility and resulted in some clients changing their distribution plans, not to the liking of all door drop practitioners at the time (including some of my partners)!

The award’s recipients are chosen by the DMA’s Door Drop hub as someone who has similarly given outstanding service to the growth and positioning of the medium.

I am somewhat humbled by the honour.

I spent decades on the DMA’s old Door Drop Council (though over the years the industry name has changed constantly!), chaired sub-committees and spoke at countless conferences and seminars across the UK and in Europe.

My passion for the industry burns as fiercely as ever today as it ever did and I remain protective of the industry from doubters and charlatans.

With no disrespect to previous winners and particularly Roger Sparrow, Chris Roxburgh and Steve Mulvihill who were all at a lunch on January 23rd, my relationship with Arthur was different.

Prior to Stepcheck, Arthur was Media Director at Cogent in Solihull, with clients such as Bonusprint and Truprint (free film envelopes – remember them!) and WH Smith Do-It-All, who were all major users of the medium.

Arthur taught me the agency view of the medium, was a tough but fair negotiator and in the years to come, a sounding board. When I was thinking of setting up TLC, he was one of the few people whose counsel I sought.

The lunch on the 23rd saw a range people from my working life over decades through to the current day and was really enjoyable.

Thanks to everyone who came and made it such a memorable occasion. I very much appreciate people travelling from all over the country to attend a very special lunch.

It was great to see some “old” faces such as Nick Wells and Keith Bradley, alongside current day peers such as Kerry Holden and Chris Rothwell.

And thanks to anyone reading this post who has helped me throughout a lifetime career in the industry. Too many to name, but will always appreciate the support.

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