The British Population Survey – are you using this research?

by graham on 10/06/2011

If you have never visited the British Population Survey’s website or used its products, we would urge you to do so.

The BPS web site is packed with recent research results, which will be of value to you.

If you are planning some immediate or long term marketing activity and are considering your media mix, click on the Publications link and then the Marketing Channel Trends Headlines download from February (data is updated monthly) and you will find a series of Channel League tables for the period December 2010 to February 2011.

Here is a link to February’s research.

The first chart “Received” measures the recall of the various marketing channels and door drop – scoring 84% – far outperforms all other forms of media, with inserts and direct mail a reasonably distant 62%, TV just 61% and warm email a lowly 38%. So, there is no doubt that consumers regularly recall door drop activity.

The second chart “Responded”, once again shows door drop as the highest performing channel at 7.2%, in comparison to inserts which fall dramatically to 2.8%, TV to 4.8% and both direct mail and warm email to just 3.8%.

When you look at the prediction of Future Response, door drop still features highly at 12.2% behind TV at 16.3% and newspaper advertising at 14.4%, but, more historical research shows that despite predicting their future response patterns, consumers will still respond more to door drops! A little bizarre, possibly, but a fact.

When considering the acceptability of marketing, door drop at 25.2% scores lower than TV, newspaper advertising and radio, but perhaps importantly, higher than warm direct mail, inserts and warm email.

The conclusion?

Despite what consumers say about their preferences of receiving and acting upon future marketing messages, door drops continually generate the greatest level of recall and action.

Can you afford to leave door drops out of your marketing plans?

As a door drop media independent, you can be assured that the planning and buying advice provided by The Letterbox Consultancy will be driven with your promotional objectives uppermost in our minds and door drop solutions will not be influenced or limited by “in-house” services, unlike most other service providers.

We will review the standard door drop services provided by Royal Mail, free newspapers and solus/shared distribution by team based systems as potential solutions and we commonly find that even clients with experience of planning door drop activity are surprised at some of the innovative solutions we are able to source within these primary options.

In addition, we will consider the introduction of our own SMART-Drop targeting and door drop service as an integral part of the door drop solution if applicable, so our speculative plan will almost certainly be different to anything you may have seen before.

In May, SMART-Drop won the Direct Marketing Association’s Northern Lights Award for Innovation, with a citation from the DMA which reads “The entry resonated with the judging panel due to the fact it closely matches the DMA’s goals to cut wastage by eliminating poorly targeted letterbox items and minimising landfill”.

So don’t hesitate to contact us today by calling Graham or Neal on 01992 637333, email or via the contact page on this website.

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