TLC’s 2021 door drop review

TLC’S 2021 DOOR DROP REVIEW Throughout 2021, LinkedIn was awash with commentaries, opinions and discussions about the Covid effects on marketing in general. Was it possible to identify who were the winners and losers in terms of the myriad of media options available to advertisers, seeking engagement with customers and prospects? How many advertisers needed … Read more

Royal Mail Door to Door – Pricing Update 2022

ROYAL MAIL DOOR TO DOOR – PRICING UPDATE 2022 Royal Mail Door to Door have announced a pricing update for 2022, that will formally take effect from 7th March 2022. The big news is that Royal Mail will retain their existing prices and rate card structure for standard Door to Door bookings in 2022. This … Read more

How exciting is 2022 going to be!?

HOW EXCITING IS 2022 GOING TO BE!? As we reach the end of our 5th successive record breaking year, we have taken time to reflect upon 2021 and prepare for 2022. In truth, that process started much earlier this year with the recruitment of Chris Rothwell as a new Senior Account Director and 6 months … Read more

A personal post, yet work related

A PERSONAL POST, YET WORK RELATED Searching through personal files recently, my wife made two amazing finds, one I’ll share, the other I’ll allude to. The Marketforce letter offering me employment was my first ever job in what was then called the house to house distribution industry. Just look at some of the letterheading content; … Read more

Do you believe in coincidences?

DO YOU BELIEVE IN COINCIDENCES? A couple of weeks back, we celebrated out JICMail Platinum accreditation award and rightly so. We are one of only 10 UK companies awarded the status and even more importantly, one of only three organisations whose front line service is planning and booking final mile door drop solutions for clients. … Read more