Like many local and regional councils throughout the UK, Welwyn Hatfield produce a residents’ magazine at nominated points during each year.

Councils use such publications to actively engage with their residents, with a wide variety of news, views, competitions and important information such as changes to refuse collection dates, development work and council tax changes.

Its critical therefore that coverage of the Council’s area is thorough, with many residents looking out for the publications and identifying any Council’s coverage area is key, because there will be a mix of postal sectors wholly and partially within Council boundaries.

The solution is therefore Royal Mail door to door in the wholly covered sectors and direct mail in the partial sectors, with address data sourced form the Postal Address File.

Client says :

Some years back, The Letterbox Consultancy won our tender for the distribution of our magazine, by demonstrating a thorough knowledge of a Council’s objectives and needs when producing such a publication.

Ever since the process has been seamless and we simply renew their contract year on year.

Whenever there are occasional queries about receipt, our enquiries are handled promptly and efficiently with the minimum of fuss, which is exactly the type of service we require.