Which distribution option is best for me?

by Neal Dodd on 23/04/2020

At a time where many distribution requests start with ‘how soon can I…’, it might be useful to look at what your distribution options are and how they each affect the quality, cost and timing of your plans.

If you are currently considering a distribution and you have a good idea of the number of households to be covered then it would be a good idea to speak with your printer about how soon the material can be produced and delivered.

If you do not have a printer, you can begin by contacting us and we can put you in touch with reliable printers.

Once you have those timings in place, you can then begin to finalise your distribution plans and the answer to your brief will most likely fall into one of these:

Royal Mail door to door

  • Your item would be delivered unaddressed and alongside the post.
  • Lead time is 2-3 weeks – for example, as of today (Thursday 23rd April) the soonest that distribution could start would be w/c 4th May 2020.
  • Stock would be required at least 5 working days prior to the start date.
  • Full coverage of postcode sectors included.
  • For local and regional authorities, some team or DM distribution may be required for fringe areas.
  • Cost is dependent on item spec. and volume but could range from £55-70 per 000′ in most instances.

Team (solus)

  • Your item would be delivered unaddressed and on its own.
  • Lead time can be as short as a matter of days and up to 1 week, generally.
  • Full and partial coverage of postcode sectors included.
  • Ability to cover flats and rural areas may vary by area and so it is important to discuss this at the planning stage. DM may help fill in any gaps.
  • Cost is dependent on item spec. and area of the UK but is likely to range between £70-90 per 000′ in most instances.

Addressed Mail

  • Your item would be delivered addressed and either packed into an envelope or with an address printed onto the outside.
  • Process can start as soon as stock is delivered. With basic postage, items are likely to begin arriving within 3-4 days of stock receipt.
  • Full coverage of areas included.
  • Cost will be far higher, in excess of £250 per 000′ and likely to be significantly higher for volumes under 4k.

As your distribution supplier we would listen to your requirements and offer you our recommendation, along with a fully costed proposal, within 24 hours.

Whilst the speed of solus distribution through teams may be helpful, for larger volumes it could be that due to capacity, the job would not complete any sooner than if you opt for a Royal Mail and solus combination.

Whilst addressed mail will offer you the best level of coverage and the highest recall rate, the cost of the service may not justify the improvements.

These are considerations to be discussed on a bespoke basis and we recommend that you contact us if you are unsure of what would be the best option for you.

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