Yellshare is Growing Up Fast

by Graham Dodd on 18/04/2016

Like any proud parent, throughout the last 2 months we have watched with intense interest as our new born develops and take its first steps in different directions.

Client reaction to Yellshare has been predominantly positive, particularly when we are able to demonstrate the benefits of the service face to face.

If you are a client with a single location brief such as a hospice, college or university, zoo, theatre or department store, or even a store opening for a national retailer, Yellshare’s suitability as a standalone door drop solution is driven by the timing of the distribution matching one of your promotional periods (or you changing your timings to match Yellshare availability!).

Where there is a match, we can demonstrably improve the targeting of clients’ door drop activity in comparison to many standard solutions and even where there is no match, our other door drop services, specifically SMART-Drop, can still provide top of the range solutions.

For clients with multi-location briefs such as car dealerships, garden centres, animal charities, pub and restaurant chains or even franchises, Yellshare may not be able to provide a solution for all areas on the distribution schedule, but it can still play a vital role in creating a cost effective door drop plan.

And then of course there are the national players; major charities, main High Street retailers, nationwide home improvement companies, telecoms and f.m.c.g. companies for whom Yellshare must offer a door drop solution at least in part, given their potential large volumes?

But the Skill is How to Integrate Yellshare Into Your Door Drop Planning

That is precisely where we come in.

The larger the brief, the less likely Yellshare is to provide a complete door drop solution, but as a specialist door drop agency, The Letterbox Consultancy can still answer any brief in full, for any client.

One key opportunity that clients from all sectors have immediately recognised, is Yellshare’s ability to engage with clients and prospects in postal sectors outside of their normal door drop footprint, particularly when using whole postal sector distribution solutions.

As target market penetration levels reduce and wastage through whole sector coverage packages increases, Yellshare now offers you an opportunity to reach the parts of your door drop footprint that perhaps you have never previously covered.

So the opportunity for increased sales is maximised to the full through precisely targeted distribution routes, literally clusters of “hundreds” of households.

And all at a cost that is very competitive.

Regionally, there are massive coverage opportunities in Scotland in mid/late June, in the Midlands in late June/early July and Central London in mid July.

If you would like to learn about even more Yellshare benefits, please contact us via, or call 01992 637333 and ask for Graham.

Some clients are already approaching us with briefs for projects we had not even considered, but that we can answer.

We would be delighted to take a brief from you and assure of you a prompt response.

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