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New SMART-Drop Seminar in Birmingham

5 March 2012

SMART-Drop have just announced the first of their 2012 seminars, which opens in the Director’s Suite at Aston Villa Football Club. This years seminar will be on the 23th May and

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The Secret Traction Leverage of Door Drop Marketing

14 February 2012

In my last article I postured that for any consumer brand selling through intermediaries to target households in the UK there is no better targetable, cost efficient medium than door drop marketing…or what I call ‘direct promotional advertising’, particularly if you use SMART-Drop’s finer targeting functionality.

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Are Door Drops Above-the-Line or Below-the-Line?

14 February 2012

A prospect client asked me a really interesting question last week. “Are door drops above-the-line or below-the-line?”

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Door Drops for Promotional Marketers

26 January 2012

Michael Herson of The Strategy Works writes in Promotional Marketing about what door drops can offer today’s promotional marketers.

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Do Social Media Work For FMCG?

24 January 2012

The old dinosaur in me has become increasingly fascinated in the apparent rise of “online and social media”. My technical skills are quite limited and frankly I’m extremely cautious when expected to push buttons and make things happen – ask anyone who has allowed me to use their in-house presentation equipment!

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Free door drop seminars

19 January 2012

GI Solutions Group, the marketing support services company, provide clients with a service that includes customer insight, strategy and targeting development, campaign execution and management, creative print and response capture.

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January Newsletter

17 January 2012

Looking to the future, the door drop suppression scheme, Graham’s new blog and a chance to meet a our new friends!

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Wow – I’ve touched a nerve!!!

16 January 2012

My recent blog about ridiculously low “solus” rates appears to have rattled some people! LinkedIn messages and a couple of emails from seemingly irate contacts (might be best not to call them clients at this stage!) strongly suggest that some people don’t agree with me.

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You’re paying how much?!

5 January 2012

* An updated version of this post is now online to reflect changes in minimum wage between 2012-2017. Blog available here. I’m not big on resolutions, but I have made one this year! It is my mission to try and make clients understand that, in my opinion, you cannot buy solus door drops at £40.00 […]

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It’s the BBC on “Junk Mail” – Again!

19 December 2011

The recent BBC programme “That’s Britain”  featuring “junk mail” predictably stuck in my throat – and judging by the reaction of some of my peers in various postings I’ve seen, I am not alone.

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