COVID-19 – A door drop update (Jan 2021)

The nation sadly remains firmly in the grip of Covid, with lockdown a certainty until at least mid-February.

We can assure you that TLC remains fully staffed and working as normal in these difficult times. We are available to provide door drop planning and implementation advice as normal.

The media is full of stories about how Covid is affecting staffing levels in all areas of business and the door drop industry is not immune from that issue.

We know of one free newspaper group who have already suspended all home deliveries and others may choose to follow.

On team distribution, whether the working units are three or four people or perhaps up to 10 or 12 working from vans, capacity will be stretched and this may result in your drop taking just a few days more to complete.

A reliable team supplier should be able to provide you with a detailed progress report and an estimated completion date.

Royal Mail’s current staffing issues are detailed in the media by area, but any delay may again only be limited.

They will almost certainly slip into their standard system of postal workers covering multiple walks and the result may be your post arriving later in the day than normal and/or perhaps later in the week by a day or so.

From a door drop perspective, Royal Mail will make every effort to complete distribution in the week/s planned, but at worst, distribution may slip into a second week (which is in fact covered within their T & C’s).

We have every confidence that the industry will continue to “deliver”, but it may just take a little longer.

Please be patient and speak to your supplier for specific guidance.

Even if you are not a TLC client, we would be happy to help, so feel free to send your query to and we will respond happily.